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Jean Buchanan

Jean Buchanan

October 15, 2007

Jean Buchanan
Jean Buchanan; Olive Jean Buchanan was born Feb. 23, 1913, the youngest child of the late Alex and Elizabeth (Yake) Buchanan. She greatly admired her oldest sisters, Luella (Arthur) Drummond and Evelyn (Tim) Dyce and was a bit in awe of her brother Alex (Mamie) Buchanan. Her play years were spent with her sister Elva (Herb) Eady and lots of cousins and neighbours who attended S.S. #8 Egremont school. Later, she lived in town during the week when she attended Mount Forest District High School. While Jean attended MacDonald Hall at Guelph University, she lived with Evelyn and Tim. She sometimes took responsibility for Rolf and Marilyn (Dyce) Arden who were little children at that time. At least one summer was spent at a cottage on Sunnyside Beach, near Meaford, where Evelyn and Jean stayed with the children while Tim taught during the week at Guelph University. Jean often said she did not need to have children of her own since she had three nieces and five nephews. Although Jean graduated as a dietitian, she never worked in this field. Instead she traveled, working in large holiday resorts in the United States and The Bahamas. Jean loved warm weather and lived for several years in Florida and California, also visiting the Hawaiian Islands. For some time, Jean earned her living with her art; painting beautiful scarves etc. When she decided that she needed to seriously prepare for her retirement years, Jean returned to Toronto and worked as an independent bookkeeper for several small businesses. At age 65, Jean retired and returned to live in Mount Forest. Jean enjoyed becoming reacquainted with former high school friends and joined in many community activities. She and her friend, Sandy McPhail, had lots of happy times together. Sandy provided a vehicle for transportation and Jean provided delicious meals, including picnics. In her latter years, Jean lived in Meaford. She enjoyed having flowers on her apartment patio and felt she was gardening for the first time. She loved colour and saw beauty in many places. Throughout her years, Jean was a seeker of spiritual truth. She was open to new ideas and sought spiritual guidance through study and quiet meditation. She enjoyed stimulating discussion with like-minded individuals and was a life-long learner. Perhaps this was the reason she always seemed so young. On reflecting about her life, Jean was pleased with her decisions. She felt she had taken interesting opportunities and had no regrets. She once said she would have liked to see more of her own country, Canada, but then quickly added if she done so she would have missed other wonderful adventures. Jean was greatly loved and respected by three generations of nieces and nephews. She touched their lives in beautiful ways and left them with many warm and wonderful memories. Thank you, Jean, for enriching our lives with your special presence.


Aunt Jean will live forever in my heart as one of the most gracious, sincere, thoughtful, and independent-thinking people I know. Our short visits with her were filled with conversations on wide-ranging topics, but most importantly family history. She was a window into the past, and I enjoyed hearing little things about my Mom's youth. We often showed up on Jean's doorstep after a long drive during a summer vacation, and she would have a lovely meal prepared for us in her little apartment. She made us feel special, and I believe I am a better person for having Aunt Jean in my life. Thank you for being you, Aunt Jean.

— David Arden, October 26, 2007

Our busy life style has kept us away from all the memories that Aunt Jean would have shared with us. The short get togethers and parties we did attend were full of smiles and stories of times past. I can only say that I wish there was a book written of the memories Aunt Jean could pass on. The few times we were together opened a new chapter to what sounds like a great life that Aunt Jean lived. Until we meet again.

— Alexander (Sandy), Linda, Jessica, & Meagan Buchanan, October 22, 2007

We are sad as we hear of Jean's passing on. We spend so many wonderful times together, with Sandy, Dad, (Gordon Rusnell), Les and Mary Walker. The music played on and on. Those were wonderful days. My sympathy to your family. Ron and Barbara Reeves

— Barbara Reeves, October 22, 2007

"God is Love and it is by Love alone that we can reach Him. Out of the heart springeth Love and in Love is the secret of all life." (K.S.) Dear Jeanie, we thank you for the wonderful, loving visits we had with you in Meaford. You will always be in our hearts.

— Claudia & Johannes Haedrich (Germany), October 20, 2007

How sad to learn of Jean's passing. What a wonderful, vibrant lady! We spent many hours discussing her painting and her love of flowers. I will think of her often with tenderness.

— Laura Douglas, October 17, 2007

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